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You could use a bit of magic

All of a sudden her palms were sweaty and she couldn’t find her words, the images in her head becoming a blur. And this was not a really good time for her to get nervous. The whole audience was starring at her with their almost bored gazes and anxious for the ceremony to come to an end. She had to deliver a speech. But where the fuck were her word? She swiped her palms across the dress and took a deep breath. It seemed like ages till she could open her mouth again.

  • Dear ladies and gentlemen I proudly present you the graduates of 2015’s class.

In all the cheering and whistling, she turned to the stage’s exit. And when she thought things couldn’t get worse, her heel got stuck in a crack and before she could realize, she lost balance. The words flew out of her mouth like birds escaping their cage “Fuck this ! “. Almost made a fool outta herself, almost cringe at the picture of her kissing the floor or better, trolling over the stairs and ending in a pile of black, gold and green mess.

Steady hands made her regain balance, and made sure she won’t lose it again. There was amusement and concerned both mixed in the gaze that met hers, which made her stupid stupid heart skip a beat.

  • You look like you needed a hand … or two, he whispered oh so charmingly.
  • Yeah, I guess so ; she replied regaining her breath and some of her dignity.
  • Care to join me on a walk ? and before she could answer he took her hand and made their way out of there.
  • But ! Their all in there … she glanced back at her colleagues , while her words got lost in the cheering of the crowd.
  • They won’t even notice you’re missing !
  • No, I suppose not.

Out on the walk side, he let her hand go, and opened the car’s door.

  • How about we play a trust game here? he faced her smiling sheepishly.
  • That’s a lot to ask, considering I barely know you.
  • We’ve been in the same class for 3 years now. I think is safe to say you know me enough to consider this.

She took a moment to think, while her gaze measured him from top to bottom. The idea of evading graduation ceremony was completely scandalous, and she had to admit a bit tempting. But who’s gonna tell her friends why and where she disappeared without a word, and who’s gonna deliver the end speech… and there was so many things to do after the ceremony…

  • You’re thinking to much and to loud. You’re 2 hours away from graduating and after this nobody’ll give a fuck. C’mon Jones, let’s do something excited.
  • Screw you, she said without remorse, getting her proper self back.
  • That sounds promising …

She couldn’t help smile , seeing the sparkles in his eyes. She could catch fire from those. He’ll burn her.

  • Fine ! Cuz making deals with the devil is such a lovely way to start your life as an adult. Fine, she repeated stubbornly. Let’s go !

The heels kicked the pavement , just to makes sure her mind was in the right place and she wasn’t still on that damn stage daydreaming instead of facing the crowd. She landed on the passenger seat and gazed excited at the sky.

  • So where do you wanna go ? he said half laughing, looking at her like she was the most exotic thing in the world, which was not by the way.
  • Just drive, she smiled back liking her lips in anticipation. We’ll know when we get there.

Such a cheesy thing to say. Such a clisee, she thought surprised. But. The hell with everything. If he intended to play, she’ll give him play. The excitement roared into her belly, threatening to swallow her entirely. But she was ready to give one last chance to magic.

  • You don’t disappoint Jones. You just don’t.

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Mi te-ai agățat de gene

și-ai pictat povești

pe spatele pleoapelor

să-mi țină de urât în vise

M-ai privit amuzat

în timp ce

construiam agitată

legături spre tine

Te-am inspirat adânc

și mi-ai înfășurat fiecare nerv

în tremur

fiecare celulă

în dependență de mirosul tău

Mi-ai rătăcit gândurile

și ai lăsat vina

să-mi schilodească


Ai plecat înainte

să mă dezmeticesc

și-ai lăsat îndoiala

să zdrobească și ultima

fărâmă de entuziasm.

Ai lăsat în urmă

furie și semne de întrebare.


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50 Ways To Be A Woman

Thought Catalog


1. Practice good personal grooming habits. If you are going to have colored hair, keep your roots covered. If you are going to have fake nails, keep them filled. Take care of your skin, take care of your teeth. 

2. Dress modestly. Gain attention through who you are rather than the parts of your body you choose to expose. It is worth far more in the long run. 

3. Certain fashion staples will always remain timeless. A few conservative dresses, a string of pearls, a nice handbag and a good pair of pumps should always be in your wardrobe. 

4. Write thank you notes. It is one of the best ways to make a good impression and literally takes five seconds. It is a dying art that so desperately needs to be revived. If someone is nice enough to give you a gift or recommend you to a position, the…

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vitali cipileaga

be-more”Paradoxul vremurilor noastre”, scrisoarea care a făcut revelaţie în toată lumea şi care continuă să rămână un etalon al schimbării, al meditării şi recunoaşterii….

“Paradoxul vremurilor noastre este că avem o statură mare, dar o toleranță scăzută, autostrăzi largi, dar viziuni înguste. Cheltuim mai mult, dar avem mai puţin, cumpărăm mai mult, dar ne bucurăm mai puțin. Avem case mai mari dar familii mai mici , facilități mai bune dar mai puţin timp.

Avem o educație mai bună, dar mai puțină minte.

Cele mai bune cunoștințe , dar evaluăm situațiile în cel mai prost mod, avem mai mulți experți, dar mai multe probleme, cel mai bun medicament, dar cea mai proastă sănătate. Bem prea mult, fumăm prea mult, cheltuim prea nesăbuit, râdem prea puţin, mergem prea repede, ne supărăm prea ușor, mergem la culcare prea târziu, ne trezim prea obosiţi, citim prea puţin, ne uităm prea mult la televizor si ne rugăm…

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” My hands write for me the words that I cannot speak aloud
carefully placing them into paper for safe-keeping
They seem to have a life of their own when the music starts
I hadn’t even realized that I’d told them to dance. „


– Kalyn RoseAnne.

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My violet world


Tu ce vrei să fii când …

O să îţi dai seama că dincolo de ego, meschinării şi dorinţa de a părea,  se ascunde un om simplu şi libertatea lui a fi?

Când o să îţi reaminteşti ce înseamnă să te bucuri de orice îţi face sufletul să vibreze, fără să îţi pese de judecata lumii? Când o să îţi dai seama că confortul ce vine din îngroparea în corporatism nu e singurul răspuns? Că dacă nu e însoţit de bucuria unei pasiuni pentru care poate nu câştigi nimic material, dar care îţi oferă izbăvirea, viaţa ta e ca o colivie de lux?

Când o să realizezi că dincolo de etichete, care au rolul lor de a ne ajuta să înţelegem lumea, ai să găseşti poveşti unice?

Când ai să poţi să renunţi din când la masca pe care o porţi poate nu din frică, cât din spiritul de conservare…

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