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Old tale

You know that old saying “may the bridges I burn light the way”. Well, how you feel about burning an entire town to the ground?
It all started with a piece of land, greedy people, and a fire.
It must have been in the late 50’s , but she can’t quite remember.  Her grandmother always used to pick on her father, mumbling like old people do, that the land is cursed and it only brings misfortune to those who own it. She could see her even now, walking the trail, beheading the thistles with the wooden cane, nodding in approval, like she was doing them a favor. She wasn’t a bad woman. It was just that the mistakes of the past caught up with her mind in the end.
But, as a young engineer and newly married man, Christopher didn’t pay attention to the old lady,  (for some sort of a reason, he could never bring himself to call the woman “mom” after her state of mind derailed), and bought the land without thinking twice. As the years past, and the family grew bigger, new responsibilities lied ahead, and he would slowly come to forget her warnings.
 I guess they never tell you that sometimes misfortune skips generations.

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